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Snowy Smile
Flower Type
Description 12 stalks white rose with baby’s breath with Just Smile Premium Teeth Whitening Kit
Wrapper Color/Basket Type White
Ribbon Color White
Height 30cm
Width 25cm
Rose in a cone
$58.00 $54.00
Flower Type
Description 10 stalks red roses in a cone with baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type kraft paper
Ribbon Color
Height 30cm
Width 20cm


Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars
$61.00 $55.00
Flower Type
Description Rainbow baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type 19 cm square curio box
Ribbon Color
Height 19cm
Width 19cm
Blue Mist
$75.00 $67.50
Flower Type 12 stalks blue roses with blue baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Blue
Ribbon Color Blue
Height Add text here
Width Add text here
Blue & White


Flower Type
Description blue and white hydrangea with blue baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Blue
Ribbon Color Blue
Height 30cm
Width 35cm
I Love U
Flower Type
Description 3 stalks red roses with baby’s breath in a rectangular box
Wrapper Color/Basket Type
Ribbon Color
Height 30cm
Width 26cm


Lily Exotica
Flower Type
Description 10 stalks roses with 2 stalks star gazers and baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type vase
Ribbon Color red
Pastel Dream
Flower Type Lavender, light blue and light orange baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type Kraft Paper
Ribbon Color Light Blue Ribbon
Flower Arrangements-Lily Delights

Bring a smile on her even in the toughest time. Send a wonderful assortment of beautiful and jovial star gazers blended in a mix of red gerberas and yam roses, and see how things work out in your favor and make her smile.


Flower Arrangements-Garden of Babylon

Lighten the mood of any set-up with this wonderful arrangement of garden of tulips blended with perfect baby’s breath. Place it indoors and see how the tranquillity and joviality spreads in the ambiance instantly.

(Please note: this product is not available from 9th February to 15th February. Both dates are inclusive.

Please refer to our Valentines’ Day Category for prevailing pricing.)

Flower Arrangement-Sunny Sentiments

Make a grand statement with nine beautiful yellow roses perfectly presented with a swarm of baby’s breath and deep violet Lavender.

Hand Bouquet-Intoxication

You’re intoxicated by her charm and personality. Convoy the message with 18 stalks of pink roses with baby’s breath and asperagus ferns…

Hand Bouquet-Champagne Love

‘- Champagne Love Melt her heart with these 12 bright champagne roses wrapped with baby’s breath and salsa leaves, that she has been the most glamourous one in your life.

Hand Bouquet Hollandse Garden

10 stalks of Tulip with baby’s breath.


Hand Bouquet-Henley Garden
6 shocking pink roses
6 pink gerberas with baby’s breath and


Hand Bouquet Kovan Garden
mixed color of 12 roses with
baby breath
Condolence Floral Arrangement Harmony
Mother’s Day Flowers-MD#19-04-DSC-3209

12 white roses with purple eustoma pink poms , baby’s breath, song of india and foilage

My True Love
12 stalks mixed roses with baby’s breath
Pastel Hues- Mixed Roses with Baby’s Breath & Foliage
Round arrangement box of Pink, White, Champagne and Yellow Roses surrounded with baby’s breath and foliage
Rosy Mother
Flower Type 8 stalks imported purple carnations with red rose spray and baby’s breath
Wrapper Color/Basket Type White wrapper
Ribbon Color Red
Height 30cm
Width 25cm